Thursday, 27 February 2014

Message Writting With Examples




Name(of the person to whom it is meant )

Body of the message with details
        who called
        why he called
        follow-up if required

Name(of the person with the message)

Example 1: The following is a telephonic conversation between Venkat and his sister. As Venkat's sister had to leave for her dance classes, she leaves a message for her mother. Write the message in not more than 50 words.

Venkat: Can I speak to mom?
Veena: She has gone out.
Venkat: I have to leave for Durgapur tomorrow at 4 a.m. for Inter-School Football Match. Please ask
her to get my bag packed as I will be back home late in the evening after practice.
Veena: I will.

12th April, 2013


Venkat called up to inform that he has to leave for  Durgapur tomorrow at 4 a.m. for Inter-School Football Match. You are requested to pack his bag as he will return home late in the evening after his football practice.


Example 2:  Read the conversation between Sam and Joseph. Sam was going out and so he left a message for his father. Write the message in about 50 words.

Joseph: Can I speak to Mr. Simon?
Sam: I am sorry. He is out of station.
Joseph: When is he expected back?
Sam: He will be home by tomorrow evening.
Joseph: Could you please remind him that Anil's wedding is on March 30th? We had planned to go
together. But since my son is in hospital, I will not be going for the wedding. George is going
and he can join him. Tell him to give me a ring when he comes back.
Sam: Sure, uncle.
Joseph: Thank you, Sam.

27th March,2013


   Mr. Joseph called to remind you that Anil's wedding is on 30th March. He and you had planned earlier to go together. But due to hospitalisation of his son, he will not be able to go for the wedding. You can accompany Mr. George for the occasion. Call him when you are back.



Q1: Read the following telephonic conversation between Rahul and Sonu. Sonu is about to leave the home for school and will not be able to meet her brother Mohit. She leaves a message for him. Write the message in about 50 words.

Rahul: Hello! Can I speak to Mohit please?
Sonu: He is not at home. I'm his sister. Would you like to leave a message for him?
Rahul: I'm his friend Rahul. Kindly tell him that tomorrow we are going to Pragati Maidan, where
a book-fair is held. In case he is interested, tell him to call me in the evening.


16th September, 2012


    Rahul called up to inform that tomorrow morning they are going to a book-fair organised at Pragati-Maidan. If you are interested then call him in the evening.


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